1 = paddle, pallet, pallet, trowel, bat.
Ex. The stuff was diluted there with water to the appearance and consistency of liquid porridge; it was kept tepid with a small charcoal furnace let into the side of the vat, and it was stirred up occasionally with a paddle.
Ex. The production machinery is interlinked by automatic handling devices (such as robots), automatic transfer systems (such as guided pallets) and communication lines.
Ex. The most usual tools (which were generally made of brass, set in wooden handles like chisels) were simple design units such as lines set on curved rockers (pallets).
Ex. Because the shoulder blade resembles the blade of a trowel, the word 'scapula' is thought to have come from the Greek "skaptein" meaning 'to dig'.
Ex. Sometimes no matter what your self motivation is, or how hard you try it seems life is beating you with a bat.
* barco de vapor con paletas = paddle-steamer.
* paleta de colores = palette, palette of colours.
* paleta de cricket = cricket bat.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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